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What Is Post And Beam Construction?

If you’re unfamiliar with the ins and outs of timber constructions, you may not realise that post and beam construction is different to that of standard timber frames. At a glance, they do look remarkably similar, so it’s an easy mistake to make. We’re going to explain what post and beam construction is in this short guide.

How Is Post And Beam Different To Timber Frames?

Post and beam structures are usually fixed together with metal brackets and steel plates. Sometimes they’re visible, which makes it easier to identify. However, this isn’t always the case – some of the fixings will be hidden and structural only.

Timber roof

Timber frames very rarely use steel parts. They are usually put together using interlocking wood joinery. This means they usually last longer and have a stronger structure, as wood and metal can come loose over time. That’s not to say that timber frames are always the best choice. Sometimes, it’s going to be much cheaper and easier to use post and beam, therefore making it a sensible option.

What Are The Benefits Of Post And Beam?

Much like timber frames, post and beam structures have a timeless beauty. The beams can be left exposed to give a traditional feel to your building, and the metal connectors aren’t always visible. This means it can be indistinguishable from timber frames. Because no complex joinery is involved, this is usually a cheaper option as labour costs will be far lower.

Timber frames of all varieties are an excellent choice for open plan homes. Because the beams carry the load of the roof, you don’t need to have lots of interior walls to distribute the weight. The frame is erected, then the walls are placed as panels in between each beam.

A Sustainable Choice

Timber is a sustainable option, so if you’re looking to build a carbon neutral structure, this is a great place to start. Post and beam is just as sustainable as a traditional timber frame. The wood could be taken apart and reused for a different project future, if necessary. In fact, some types of wood will last for up to 300 years, and can even be more resistant to fire than steel.

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Additionally, construction requires a lot of skill and knowledge, but not many materials. Once you have the timber and steel parts, there are no additional pieces required.

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