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Timber Development UK

Timber Development UK are the largest supply chain body for timber in the UK. We have chosen to be accredited by them because they stand by our values. Wood is in the blood of both the past and the future of construction. We believe in this method of building because it’s low-carbon and sustainable.

TDUK is a merger of two very established timber organisations. These are the Timber Trade Federation and the Timber Research and Development Association. Together, they form the largest and most well-connected association in the UK’s timber trade. They allow everyone from suppliers to contractors to join as a member. Because their suppliers have to meet their stringent requirements to join, they offer some of the best supply chain connections in the industry.

Working With Wood

Wood is a sustainable, sturdy construction material. Timber Development UK works with the entire network of woodworkers. From sawmills to merchants to building companies, their goal is to educate and connect with everyone who works with wood.

A Sustainable Future

Wood is low-carbon to produce. Therefore, it will go some way in helping us to reach net zero. Better education and guidance mean that more companies will be able to use timber. This means that there will be less reliance on unsustainable building materials and methods. When used correctly, timber construction can be incredibly strong and durable. That’s why Timber Development UK are committed to creating tools, training and guidance to bolster the wood construction industry.

New Framing Construction Of A House

TDUK also require their supply chain members to meet their Sustainability Code of Conduct, as well as the UK Timber Regulation. This means that all timber suppliers with a membership are certified as sustainable and responsible.

Why We Work With Timber Development UK

At Karesa Developments, we’re passionate about working with timber. Therefore, it made sense to become a member of TDUK. We benefit from their expert industry knowledge, as well as the connections they offer through their membership. There are monthly webinars and we’re also able to contact them for advice if we ever need it. Establishing a connection with Timber Developments UK allows us to expand our knowledge, so we can provide the best possible service to our customers.

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