Timber Garden Room

Bespoke Timber Garden Sheds

The traditional garden shed has become much more than a back garden storage space. Nowadays, many people choose to build bespoke timber garden sheds and garden rooms to create additional living and working space. Let’s discover what a bespoke outdoor building could have to offer.

A Custom Timber Garden Room

Timber frames offer a lot of versatility. You can create a completely open-plan space without the need for interior walls to take the weight of the roof. Therefore, if you want to have a larger outdoor room, timber is a great option. With enough garden space, you could fit an outdoor building that’s suitable to use as a home gym, a home bar, an office space or even a salon – the opportunities are endless!

Keep Things Simple

A great benefit of using timber to construct your garden shed is that it’s guaranteed to fit in well in your garden. Because wood is a natural material, it fits in seamlessly around grass, flowers and trees. You don’t have to do any outlandish painting or decorating to make your bespoke timber garden shed look good. The natural finish of timber is beautiful enough as it is, without covering it up. Of course, if something more outrageous takes your fancy, there’s no reason why you couldn’t paint it any colour you like!

Timber Garden Shed

A Bespoke Timber Garden Shed That Lasts

Unlike cheap and cheerful sheds that you buy from the store, a bespoke timber garden shed will be built to last for many years. You can insulate the walls, floors and ceiling to ensure that it stays comfortable year round. It’s also possible to install utilities like water and electricity, so your bespoke garden shed offers all the creature comforts that you’re used to.

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An Easy Escape

With insulation and utilities, your bespoke timber garden shed can feel like an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you work from home or have a busy household, your shed can act as the perfect haven away from stress. You can fit it with whichever comforts you fancy. If you enjoy darts and pool, why not make it into a games room, complete with a bar? Or, if you’re more of a gym goer who would prefer to train away from the crowds, set up a private home gym! There really is no limit to what you can use your timber garden room for.

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